"X" litter

V Ike von der Donauvorstadt SchH3, IPO3, FH, KK1, A normal H/E
, DM normal

bred to

Vitara vom Germelhaus SchH1, OFA h/e
, DM carrier

Born Dec 21st, 2013

For Pedigree click HERE


thinking of swimming 4-27

okay think we have it down now

Xuri trying to fish..  

sooo much fun swimming and playing

Xurg 4.5 mon old

Xurg 15 wks

Xurg 10 wks

Xuri 4.5 mon old

Xuri 15 wks

Xuri 10 wks

Xelina 15 wks SOLD
Xelina 10 wks SOLD

7.4 wks old

11 days old playday

4 wks old first outing